Terramundi Australia Fund Money Pot


Terramundi Australia Fund 

The Money Pot Story Terramundi Money Pots are handmade in Italy, then hand painted and personalised in London. Original Money Pots hold up to £200 in mixed silver, £400 in gold coins OR approximately £1000 in £2 coins.

Our Etruscan money pots are hand thrown in Italy where they have been used for over 2000 years and their design has remained unchanged. Examples of which can be seen in the British Museum.

The tradition is to complete the date and your desire on the included card, and insert into the pot with the first coin.

Once the first coin is dropped, the money pot must be fed till full, then smashed whilst making a wish.

Pots bring fortune and we include a fortune coin in each pot to start you off. It is customary to replace the pot once smashed, and to spend the money on good things!